We enable true circularity

in the bedding industry

Cloud Platform

TripleR is available and accessible in every corner of the world.

Digital Identification

All product information is stored on the platform, which enables circularity.

Connected Stakeholders

TripleR provides an ecosystem for all stakeholders in the bedding industry.

Digital Product Identification

TripleR enables the Digital Identification of bedding products,

linked to a Cloud Platform

keeping all stakeholders connected throughout the lifetime of the product.

tripleR is The road towards a true circular business model”

Rik Holvoet & Stefaan Cognie, Founders of TripleR


At the end of its life,

every bedding product is being sorted and dismantled into different parts

that can be reused or recycled into brand-new products.


Connecting Every Physical Bedding Product

with its Digital Twin

Product Identification

•QR & RFID tag

•Unique and itemized product identification

•GS1 standard compliant

•Washable at 40°C

Connect & Engage

•Supports circularity initiatives

•Consumer interaction

•Integrated RFID functionality


•Inventory accuracy

•Product authentication

get started

What We Offer

Get started, connect with all stakeholders in the bedding industry and engage with consumers!

Get Started

•Prepare basic master data of the product

•Order/create unique labels

•Attach labels to the product

•Register the ‘birth’ of the product

Connect with Partners

•Build your ecosystem across the entire product lifecycle

•Enable logistics transparency

Engage with Consumers

•Digital Product Passport

•Redirect to customer service processes: cross-selling / handling questions, returns & complaints, etc.

Connect with Partners

Plug and play RFID platform technology

•Share product composition, traceability and recyclability

•Optimize Manufacturing Processes

•Optimize Internal and External Logistics Processes

•Ensure product authenticity (claims / returns)

•Connect with your own system through easy API integration

engage with Consumers

•Ready for compliance with upcoming EU Regulation: “Digital Product Passport”

•Product composition, origin of components and recyclability claim

Recycling guidance on item level in line with evolving requirements

Care & maintenance instructions

Upselling & Cross-selling options

Connect with us

to start your circularity journey

Rik Holvoet


Stefaan Cognie